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Why do you need SCH Fire Safety?

Fire Planning forms an integral part of every firm's Fire Safety activities. Not only in its duty of care to employees and the public, but also as part of its legal obligation under The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005.

Fire Extinguisher

Fire Emergency Planning

Fire Emergency Plans are implemented to ensure the most efficient and speedy evacuation of occupants from a building in the case of a suspected fire. We will report on plans and procedures that will detail how the occupants of your building will be warned in case of fire and how to evacuate. Specifically they will include the roles and responsibilities of designated Fire Marshalls, summoning and where to meet the Fire and Rescue Service, details on escape routes and meeting points, as well as contingency plans. The plan will also include details of how to evacuate occupants who struggle with mobility. We can further assist in formulating PEEPs (Personal Emergency Evacuation Plans) and GEEPs (Generic Emergency Evacuation Plans).

Regular Fire Safety Drills

In line with industry best practice, we can supervise fire evacuation drills at your premises. During the drill, we will ensure all occupants follow the Fire Emergency procedures, including evacuation all occupants. The results would be recorded in your Fire Logbook alongside the Fire Risk Assessment. This documentation serves as evidence to show you are in compliance with the Fire Safety Order. Post-drill we will carry out a debrief with Fire Marshals.